How to Store Dehydrated Vegetables: Preserving Food’s Goodness

how to store dehydrated vegetables

It takes a lot of work to dehydrate vegetables. Finding just the right veggies that are both at their peak of ripeness, and in perfect condition, is just the first step. Then: cleaning, washing, and slicing into the right thickness before drying in the correct temperature for just the right amount of time. Whew! That's a lot of work - too much work to allow the dried product to ruin with improper storage methods. How to Store Dried Vegetables Let's look at the best ways to properly store dried vegetables to keep them in a usable, nutritious condition for as long as possible. Normally, the storable shelf-life for vegetables is only 6 months but with proper packaging you'll get months ... read more

Top 5 Misleading Claims About Essential Oils & Pregnancy

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Essential Oils and Pregnancy

This is a guest post by Dr. Eric Zielinski. Please note: This is NOT a "HOW TO" article, but one that is focused on DEBUNKING THE COMMON MYTHS associated with the use of essential oils while pregnant. I have a love-hate relationship with The Google. Just search “essential oils” and you’ll get every opinion humanly possibly thrown at you, which has stirred up a frenzy of confusion and misguided advise. I also hold a love-hate sentiment about our beloved 1st Amendment. People can say whatever they want on their blog and this leads more people astray than you might think. Hey, if it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right? Wrong! There are several "Million Dollar Bloggers" (as I ... read more

Growing Tomato Plants from Seeds

tomato seedlings

Planting tomatoes can be expensive if you buy partially-grown tomato plants from a store or nursery. So, what's a frugal mom to do? Simple: buy the seeds and grow your own tomato plants from seed! Tip: How To Choose Tomato Plants For Your Garden Planting Tomato Seeds Ideally, you want to have the seedlings up and ready to plant when the danger of frost at night is over. If you miss that, don't fret, you've got lots of time to get tomato plants grown and producing. So let's get started. First of all, you need to buy sterile seed starting mix (young seedlings die easily from diseases and molds in unsterilized soil) and pour some in a large, well-drained container. Then, make ... read more

How A Family Of Seven Lives In A Tiny House | Podcast 35

living in a tiny house

Stephanie, one of our writers here at MomPrepares, started her married life in a large house with three bathrooms. She felt like her possessions and what she had to maintain was controlling her instead of her managing it. After a brutal loss - and five kids later - her family of seven lives in 700 square feet and are very glad to have it! Listen to hear Stephanie's favorite things about living in a small house, how she handles clutter and what is hardest for her to get rid of, the unusual thing in her dining room, what the key to living in a tiny house is for her, how much clothes she personally has, how she handles homeschooling materials, what she thinks about ... read more

Bring Dried Vegetables Back to Life

use dried vegetables

Remember all those dried vegetables you carefully dehydrated and stored away? It's time to bring them out and use them to cook with - but do you know how to bring them back to a usable state of re-hydration so you can present them to your family? Commercially-produced dried foods today are at a 2% to 3% moisture level - this means that the vegetable will be a less-intense version of the fresh vegetable. Home-dried vegetables may have a higher moisture concentration which will not affect re-hydration times but will cause the dried vegetables to have a shorter shelf life. How To Reconstitute Dried Vegetables Dried Green Beans: Soak in hot water for about 1 hour or 2 hours in cold ... read more

Prepper-Friendly Real Food Super Bowl Snacks With Recipes

real food snacks

I have always been a snack lover. My family always is the one to over-buy snacks and always have something delicious on hand to eat. When it comes to holiday foods, Super Bowl snacks are right up there with Thanksgiving foods for me. But, as we have turned to a more steady real food diet, and my eldest daughter has shown some sensitivities to food dyes, gluten, and other junk foods; I am simply no longer comfortable serving or eating most traditional Super Bowl snacks. Luckily, it’s not so hard to transform basic junk foods into real food snacks that, while not entirely “healthy” will at least contain no artificial ingredients and allergens. Here is how you can transform some of the ... read more