Lyme Disease: What It Is And What You Should Do

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As much as I love spring and summer, I have to say dealing with ticks is not high on my list of favorite things.  Here in central Virginia we see heavy tick infestations starting in early spring, beginning to wane in June or July and then picking back up in the fall. However, ticks do not go away entirely no matter what season it is, so you always want to exercise caution anytime you are in an area that is an ideal home for ticks. Learn more: Previously I wrote a post about Preparing for Tick Season.   What are ticks exactly?  Ticks are external parasites that are a part of the mite family.  Ticks require a blood meal to develop and produce eggs. They ... read more

What Everybody Ought To Know About Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, and Hydrosols

What are Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, and Hydrosols?

Essential oils, plant extracts, and hydrosols are often times confused. Each solution offers a unique way to experience natural healing and therapeutic benefits. It’s important for you to understand the differences between the three options. For example, how to use each one and specifically at what times to use them. What are essential oils? This one is probably the most recognized method out of the three. Essential oils come from different plants around the world. Plants contain microscopic sacs filled with their unique oils which we can extract using distillation methods such as cold pressing or steam distillation. The oils extracted from these plants are famous for their therapeutic ... read more

Simple Flat Bread Recipes

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Human beings have baked simple flat breads for longer than civilization can remember. Yes, today in the 21st century we do like our sliced loaves from the grocery store, and why not? Sliced bread is the greatest invention since... well, sliced bread. But the beauty and simplicity of homemade flat bread should not be overlooked in the modern kitchen and are tasty treats around a campfire. Rustic Flat Bread with Olive Oil and Sea Salt from The Kitchn In an effort to make bread making less intimidating, the kitchn offers this recipe for a soul-satisfying rustic flat bread. "It can be adapted to taste with the addition of chopped herbs or flavored olive oil and the final result is ... read more

Trucks for Homesteaders: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

2015 Toyota Tacoma Review

The Toyota Tacoma reminded me so much of my oldest brother. He's an outdoorsman who is passionate about fishing and hunting. Every weekend he's out on a lake with his pals and their fishing rods, or up in the woods with his dogs, chasing rabbits. At night he hunts for copperheads. His favorite places are the mountain trails in the Appalachians where he lives. After driving this truck a day or two I told his wife I'd found a truck for her husband. When I told her it was a Toyota Tacoma she laughed and said he's actually looking at one right now. I tell you all this because at first glance, I really didn't like the Tacoma. It was small. It sounded funny. And, it seemed very basic. Having ... read more