How To Prepare Your Garden for Summer Droughts

Avoid dry, parched soil this summer. Photo: bartoszjanusz / CC by 2.0[/caption]

As I write this, it’s just past the spring equinox. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is chilly, and there was frost on the roads today. There was plenty of rain yesterday, so why am I thinking about drought? While the Pacific Northwest may not know droughts like many places know droughts, we have… [read more]

How To Make Unscented Body Butter

Shea and Cocoa Body Butter Recipe

Did you know that most people use 5 scented products a day, and many use much more. Everyday products that most people would not think remember as scented are things like kitchen garbage bags and “Fresh as a Daisy” or Meadow Forrest” scented bleach. Do we really need scented bleach? Besides the obvious scented products, have… [read more]

11 Popcorn Toppings

A bowl of fresh popcorn awaiting your favorite topping. Flickr photo by veggiefrog

Popcorn is a great snack for a large family or just one person that’s good any time of day. It can be salty or sweet; healthy or decadent. I know many people are totally happy eating popcorn plain, but just in case you like variety here are eleven different ways to change the flavor of… [read more]

Clean Naturally with Essential Oils

Clean Naturally with Essential Oils - Recipes for Natural DIY Cleaners

In honor of Earth Day and your efforts to green your life, we’ve gathered up a bunch of DIY household cleaners for your spring cleaning. From the kitchen to the bathroom and laundry, your home is sure to smell fresh and clean with these essential oil cleaners! Essential Oils for Natural Household Cleaners Citrus window… [read more]

No-Sugar Protein Snack Balls

No-Sugar Protein Snack Balls Recipe

My kids think these snack balls are cookie dough. Even my husband loves them because they don’t taste healthy. They’re chewy, sweet and delicious and everything in them is good for you. Well, that is if you consider dark chocolate in small amounts to be healthy. I know I do. I took a big plate… [read more]

Alternatives to Traditional Flea Control

Our cavalier, Lily. Image by Andrea D.

Flea season is upon us and for many pet owners, the very thought of this is enough to make us itch.  The milder winters that we have experienced several years prior to this winter past, has helped the flea and insect population in general to grow, so battling fleas, sometimes even year ’round, has become… [read more]