Family Friday Summer Fun Linkup – Week of August 1st

Family Friday Link Up - Summer

Summer is the season of fun. The kids are out of school, we take vacations (or staycations) and we spend lots of time playing sports, swimming and coloring with sidewalk chalk! But, we all have days where we’ve run out of ideas for fun things to keep the kids occupied (and learning!). So, we’re asking… [read more]

Gardening Through the Dog Days of Summer

Types of Sun Protection for Summer Gardening Image by Flickr user 28021905@N06

In the southern states the summer garden season is over for some people. I find this sad, because with a little care, a garden can continue to grow and produce right up till fall planting. Planting in Rotation to Extend the Growing Season Around here we usually have about four rotations of crops by June.… [read more]

How To Raise Chickens | Podcast 12

how to raise chickens

Aprille, another one of our great writers here on MomPrepares, has taken care of chickens since she was five years old. It was fun to interview her and hear her tips and stories from many years of raising chickens. You’ll hear that I obviously have NOT had chickens, but Aprille was very patient and answered… [read more]

How to Create Your Own Flavored Sugars

Flavored sugars are delicious in drinks, over fruit and cereal. Image from MomPrepares media library

French toast was always a Sunday favorite in my family when I was growing up. We didn’t just dip bread in egg and slap it in a skillet with some butter. There were all sorts of sugar and spices mixed in with the egg to make it an exceptionally tasty piece of French toast. I’ve… [read more]

Benefits of Hen-raised Chicks

Benefits of Hen-Raised Chicks - Photo by flickr user possumgirlpics

We just had a beautiful group of chicks hatch today on our farm. We did not use an incubator which is very common today, but did it the old-fashioned method by letting our broody Buff Orpington hen have her way and hatch out a clutch for us. Hen-raised Chicks Means Less Work and Worry I… [read more]

Summer Swimming: Keeping Cool Without the Chemicals

Have fun in the pool without suffering the aftereffects of chlorine? Photo: hortongrou / CC by 2.0

It’s summer, and that means swimming, right? Perhaps, but the chemicals used in pools can leave some people feeling itchy and out of breath. After all, chlorine’s claim to fame is its use as a gas in World War One. Chlorine and other chemical byproducts in pools have been linked to airway disorders and allergic… [read more]