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Away From Home When Disaster Strikes? Prepare Your Car to Handle Any Emergency

Away From Home When Disaster Strikes Prepare Your Car to Handle Any Emergency

Your home emergency kit is complete, your pantry is stocked; you have the right grain mill, an emergency checklist for possible disasters, and you have the most sustainable garden in the neighborhood. But then it hits you; I’m not always at home! Creating an emergency kit for the car is just as important as creating… [read more]

6 Great Waffle Recipes

A waffle, hot on the iron. Flickr photo by nickydizzle

I enjoy a good waffle now and then and my family is usually very willing to try any new recipes I find. Here are a bunch of fabulous recipes for different kinds of waffles that all sound extremely tasty. I hope you enjoy some of them enough to try them out next time you get… [read more]

5 Strange Ways to Attract Pollinators To Your Yard

Think beyond the bee when you work to attract pollinators to your garden. Photo: Tasitch / CC by 2.0

Damage to their habitat, shifting weather patterns, and pesticides have made pollinators none too happy, but you can create an pollinators’ oasis in your own garden. By growing organically, you’ll make a huge difference to the health of your pollinators, many of whom are bugs themselves: bees and butterflies. This will lead to big benefits… [read more]

Winter Soups | eBook Review

Winter Soup Recipes

The eBook, Winter Soups, was created by gathering fantastic recipes from 52 food bloggers. These recipes include soups made with dairy, squash and roots, beans or lentils, or different meats and can range from sweet to sour in flavor. Each blogger offers his/her very own healthy soup recipe. Some soups are concocted from basic ingredients… [read more]

7 Non-Pie Pecan Recipes for National Pecan Day

The lowly pecan has two special holidays. Photo by Dobbi

Pecan lovers- prepare to be excited. There are two pecan days, and they are quite close together. March 25th is Pecan Day (and also waffle day) and April 14 is National Pecan Day. And if you are a die-hard fan of the pecan pie, there is even a special day for you as well! July… [read more]

Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Improve Garden Soil

Break up your garden's soil and your plants will love you for it! Image by Simon Howden

Your garden’s soil is the lifeblood of your garden. Wherever you live – whether you have gardened for years or are starting your first garden – your soil can use improvement. Growing plants, chemicals, and soil run-off can ruin the quality of your soil and strip it of nutrients. To combat this difficulty, and keep… [read more]