How To Prepare For A Successful Vacation

how to prepare for vacations

Summertime tends to be when most people take time off to relax, but the following tips and tricks for a successful vacation are helpful for any time of year. It doesn't matter if it's a spur of the moment trip or one you've been thinking about for a very long time. Following this simple outline will should make your vacation a less-stressful experience. Planning the Adventure Maps – Paper maps seem to be a thing of the past, due to the ease and availability of GPS, but they are still a great tool for planning a trip. A road atlas or state maps enable you to mark out the route with a highlighter. These are excellent teaching tools to, if you have kids or need to teach someone how to ... read more

How To Use Draft Horses On A Homestead | Podcast 46

homestead with draft horses

In 2002 after a motorcycle accident badly damaged his left ankle, Gregg from The Rural Economist could not ride his show horses anymore. A neighbor set him up with a percheron mare and forecart. Gregg learned about using heavy draft horses for work on his homestead, and the they history. He will never go back to light horses again! In a research paper that he wrote for college he learned the following fact: A regular tractor loses two-thirds of the energy it uses in the form of useless heat; a draft animal returns one-third of the energy it uses in the form of useful fertilizer." He also knows from experience that -if they are well taken care of- the ... read more

How to Manage Stress Prepper-Style

tips to manage stress

Although stress happens year-round, there is something about that end-of-the-school-year rush that really pushes the stress level almost to the breaking point. Extra events such as sports, children graduating, friends getting married, new babies, wrapping up school, gardening, and spring cleaning make the spring exhausting and extra stressful. Luckily, we preppers at Mom Prepares know how to deal with stress and make it melt away. If you are feeling the stress this spring, try these natural ways to prepare for and fight these stressful periods. How to Prepare for Stress in Advance A study conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University in 2014 conducted a pilot ... read more

Safeguarding Your Family’s Important Documents

How To Safeguard Important Documents

According to FEMA polls, the number one wish-we'd-done-that item on a disaster survivor's list is important document backups and personal item safeguarding. Most preppers know all about emergency kits, evacuation routes and meeting places, but very few think to safeguard important documents. Why Safeguard Important Documents? Not every disaster is a SHTF experience. Sometimes our day can turn south as quickly as getting in a car accident or a thunderstorm causing flash flooding. In the event of a storm or natural disaster our important documents can easily get displaced, lost or even destroyed. Imagine a tornado hits your home and you lose everything. This could include the small ... read more

How To Make Soap | Podcast 45

make soap

It was a pleasure to talk to Jan from The Nerdy Farm Wife about making soap. When Jan's son was very little he had allergies and eczema, and just about everything made his skin break out. She decided to try making her own soap even though she was nervous about working with the lye. She persevered through a few batches that flopped, and ended up with an all natural herbal soap that made a huge difference in her son's skin - even the doctor was amazed at the wonderful soap. She hasn't stopped making soap since then!  You can reap the benefit of Jan's experiments by reading her book Natural Soap Making: Cold Process Basics & Recipes. It includes 25 recipes as well as step by ... read more

How To Prepare For Tick Season

how to handle ticks

If you are like me, spring can't come soon enough.  After winter, it is good to see the sun appear and begin warming up the world around us. Living in the Eastern half of the United States, spring comes slowly here compared to many of our western states.  I love to see the newly budding trees, the greening grass and the tulips pushing up through the ground. There is much to love about this time of year and yet, with any season, there are a few things that make it a little less pleasant. Here in central Virginia we deal with a large tick population each year.  While ticks are less active during the winter months, come spring, ticks come out in full ... read more