Skincare Uses for Coconut Oil & Honey

Coconut Oil and Honey for Natural Beauty and Skincare

As a skincare professional, I have tried a plethora of products ranging from Rx strength to food grade. I have seen wonderful (and not so wonderful) results on both ends of the spectrum, but I have to say I am especially fond of how the natural alternatives make my skin feel. Today I want to talk about two 100% natural, 100% organic ingredients that I have grown especially fond of over the past year: organic coconut oil, and organic makuna honey. I am a huge fan of incorporating coconut oil and honey into my meals, and am just as enthusiastic about using them as part of my skincare regimen. How do I do that, you ask? Well, read on to find out! DIY Honey and Coconut Oil ... read more

2 Easy Ways to Store Garden Greens for Future Use

store garden greens

Now that summer is just around the corner, many of you have fresh, delicious greens straight out of the garden! You can’t beat garden-fresh greens, but storage can be a major problem. If you can’t pick your greens and use them in the same day- perhaps because the plant is starting to go to seed- they can quickly rot, destroying all your gardening efforts. Luckily, there are two surefire ways to keep those greens ready for use, whether you want to save them for a salad in a few days or want to dry them for year-round use. Short-Term Greens Storage This storage method should keep your greens dry and ready-to-eat for up to 10 days. Supplies: Paper towels Airtight ... read more

Ten Survival Items You Can Buy From Goodwill to Save Money

Ten Survival Items You Can Buy from Goodwill

We all have that dreaded pile somewhere in the house. You know the one. It sits there forever and you are not sure what to do with it, but you know it is just a pile of stuff you need to get rid of. As you head out the door, grab it and drop it off at Goodwill! You never know who is out there searching for that one thing you have stuffed in a bag in the closet or under the bed. By donating those items, you are not only helping your local community, you are helping to fund opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages. Goodwill, in turn, uses those funds from items bought at the store for job training and placement of those individuals. Check out this donation impact ... read more

Tips For Using Cloth Diapers – Even With Twins! | Podcast 50

how to cloth diaper

You can go full time with cloth diapers or just have a couple of them; every cloth diaper you use can help your budget and the environment. The key is to find what works best for your family and your life. Dana from has found what works best for her family. She has a 7 year old girl, twin 3 year old boys, and a 10 month old girl. Dana is passionate about cloth diapering and wants to encourage everyone to try it - "It's not as complicated or hard as you think." She started looking in to cloth diapering when she knew she was having twins and didn't want to spend so much on disposable diapers. Dana figured out that they had paid $3,000.00 for 3 years of ... read more

Are You Going Bats? What To Do With Nesting Bats

what to do with nesting bats

If you've got bats in your belfry or if you have a similar assortment of terrible puns, you're not alone. Many people are rather nervous to discover that they have bats living in or close by their home. What can you do if you've discovered a colony of bats living in or near your house? The Ecological Role of Bats While people often feel nervous about bats, these animals are actually very useful to people. In the tropics, bat species pollinate fruit trees, including the delicious mango. In North America, many bat species are carnivorous and enjoy munching on mosquitoes, eating up to 1200 mosquitoes per hour. When you see a bat in your garden, this means that your natural pest control crew ... read more

Get the f-Ready App for Family Preparedness

Get the f-Ready App for Family Preparedness

Editor's note: When Juan first emailed me after he saw my PrepareAthon presentation with FEMA I thought he was just another blogger or author looking for some free promotion on our blog. (We get a LOT of that.) After doing a little poking around I realized Juan's story, his work and his activism are truly impressive. I wanted people to know about him and his app and the work he's doing to change disaster response protocols. I'm so excited that he agreed to a guest post about his work and f-Ready App. Many years ago I was watching the News. It was right after Katrina had struck and all you saw on TV were people waving from the rooftops of their homes/vehicles in hopes of being noticed. I ... read more