How To Make Dye From Plants | Podcast 16

dye plants

Chris McLaughlin from has been an entrepreneur and gardener since she was just a little girl and sold plant cuttings in dixie cups. What started out as just dying eggs became many experiments with different types of cloths and dye plants. When she realized that the craft people talked about dye plants but the […]

Meat Preservation: Brined Meat Experiment

Meat Preservation Brined Meat Experiment

Brining is the process of storing meat for long-term use without freezing. Brining works because the salt in the water gets into the pores of the meat and prevents the spread of bacteria. Surprisingly enough, there is little information out there about this ancient preserving practice.  I decided to put this preservation method to the […]

Broiler Chickens VS. Freedom Rangers

broiler chicks

Every year my family and I raise broilers for our freezer. We typically buy 20-25 chicks and in about 8-12 weeks, we have enough fresh chicken to fill our freezer for a long time. I typically purchase my broilers as chicks from our local feed store. The type that we purchase has always been the […]