How To Be Prepared With Guns | Podcast 11

be prepared with guns

It is good for women to learn how to use a gun – whether they live isolated in the middle of their homestead or in a crowded city.  A gun laying on the table untouched will never hurt anyone, and a gun in the hands of someone that knows what to do can save lives. The Homestead… [read more]

Best Recipes for the Grill

Grilled corn-on-the-cob is an excellent addition to any BBQ get together. Flickr image by Mike

It’s grilling season!!! So, take a gander at these lovely recipes, invite friends and family over, and fire up the grill. Cooking outside is one of my favorite ways to get summer off to a good start. Enjoy! Appetizers – All Recipes You can’t have a BBQ party without some appetizers on hand. You might… [read more]

Prepare for Water Safety: How to Recognize the Signs of Drowning

Parents should not rely on flotation devices to prevent their children from drowning. Photo by Albert Herring

Drowning is the number 2 cause of death for children under the age of 15, according to Francesco A. Pia, Ph.D., water safety researcher and drowning expert.  According to US drowning statistics, about half of all children who drown are within 25 yards of an adult. How does this happen? Mainly because most adults do not… [read more]

Family Friday Summer Fun Linkup – Week of July 18th

Family Friday Link Up - Summer

Summer is the season of fun. The kids are out of school, we take vacations (or staycations) and we spend lots of time playing sports, swimming and coloring with sidewalk chalk! But, we all have days where we’ve run out of ideas for fun things to keep the kids occupied (and learning!). So, we’re asking… [read more]

8 Ways To Battle Weeds

battle weeds

Weeds can ruin your garden. They have to go or they will smother you plants as they compete for nutrients and water, the weeds always win. Here are some ideas of how to get the upper hand when dealing with your garden’s worst enemy. What Your Garden’s Weeds Are Trying to Tell You from Tree Hugger… [read more]

How To Live A Preparedness Lifestyle From An Apartment | Podcast 10

preparedness in an apartment

Patrick from Survival At Home had to downsize from a house with abundant gardens to an apartment with zero yard space. He didn’t let that stop him from living a prepper lifestyle. Patrick says, “Room means nothing. It’s all about what’s in your head and in your heart. Whatever you want to do you can do.”… [read more]