Aromatherapy On the Stove For Autumn: Cheaper and Healthier

Aromatherapy is as easy as boiling water – Image by brettanomyces

Smells affect the emotions. We all know this is true the minute we remember childhood memories and the smells associated with them. I have long remembered my grandmother’s kitchen every time I smell an oven-baked potato. The smell just immediately takes me back to another time with so many pictures, thoughts and emotions.

Yes, the sense of smell is a strong catalyst for your emotions, so use it to your benefit to promote feelings of love, peace and comfort in your home. It is an easy thing to bring wonderful aromas into your home’s environment using not much more than what you have in your kitchen already. There are lots of little contraptions you can buy that release wonderful aromas into the air, but none are any easier than your kitchen stove and a pot of simmering water. These also shine if you want to use different aromas for different rooms.

Kitchen Aromatherapy

It is easy as pie to create your own scents to flavor your home. A pot of simmering water with a few drops of essential oils added to it will certainly do the trick. Just keep an eye out on the gently simmering pot of scented water so it doesn’t boil dry and ruin your pot – and make sure that you’re using food-grade oils, not the commercially-prepared scents meant for potpourri pots, which could be toxic – not good for cooking pots!

Ideas for Simmering Aromatherapy

Anything you use in the kitchen that has a pleasing smell works great in the simmering water pot as an aroma for your home. Here are some ideas for your consideration:






Citrus fruit

Mint leaves


Essential oils for aromatherapy – Image by anikki*

Healthy Aromatherapy

I’ve been discussing aromatherapy for just the pure pleasure of the smells. Many people also use it for health purposes like clearing congestion from sinuses or from the lungs with tea tree oil, lemon slices, eucalyptus and other essential oils. The air we breathe indoors in the wintertime is very dry, and that dryness is damaging to our nasal passages – that makes us more susceptible to colds and other illness, so just the infusion of moisture to the air is healthy and healing. Add the tea tree oil, lemon slices or eucalyptus to your water and get the added healthy benefits.

Looking to Purchase Essential Oils?

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Stovetop Aromatherapy

Whether you want just the fragrance or the healthy aspects of aromatherapy, don’t hesitate to boil up those unused lemons and make your house smell pretty this autumn and winter. The fragrant aroma will enhance your quality of life, as will the added moisture during the indoor dry season.

What is your favorite aromatherapy smell?

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