How to Choose The Right Tomatoes for Your Garden

choose tomato plants

You want tomatoes this year? First you’ve got to pick (pardon the pun) the kind of tomato that will thrive in your garden and provide exactly what you’re looking for in rosy-red (or orange or yellow) goodness. Choosing the right variety of tomato can be complicated. Two of the factors you should consider are growth habits […]

The Backyard Homestead: An Excellent Resource for Growing Your Own Food


One of my favorite resources for information on sustainable living, homesteading, preparedness, and more is The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan.  I have found this book to be an invaluable resource in planning how we can grow more of our own food with the resources we have. The concept behind this book is utilizing your […]

Food and Water: Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Water and Food - Bugout Bag Essentials

Food and water should be one of your first concerns when planning and purchasing for your Bug-Out Bag.  I think it’s important that you have a short-term food plan as well as a longer-term food plan for your family and that your emergency kit be able to meet both of those needs. Emergency Supplies: Water […]

How to Barter Your Skills and Bounty: Planning For Success

Bartering Your Skills and Bounty: Planning For Success

Ready to learn how to barter to save yourself some time and money by exchanging skills? Before you get started, think carefully about your skills and the products and services you’ll be exchanging. Make sure that you plan carefully, and you’ll enjoy your foray into the world of bartering. What Skills Do You Have to […]

What To Do When a Tornado is Coming: Weather the Approaching Storm


If you have to ride out a major storm or tornado in your home, you need to already have a plan for your family in place. We’ve talked some about how to prepare for tornado season, so you should be prepared. If your area is under a tornado warning, but the tornado isn’t bearing down […]

Pressure Canner verses Pressure Cooker?

Pressure Canner verses Pressure Cooker

One of the big ticket items on my canner’s wish list is a pressure canner/cooker.  Before, I was scared to use one, recalling the big, loud, jiggly one on my grandparents stove –their constant warning to stay away from it did not help my fear nor did the burned fingers on the day I rebelled […]