Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever

easy fudge recipe

Fudge is one of my favorite Christmas treats. I love all the varieties and the the creamy texture. However, I have a hard time getting fudge to set up.  I don't know if its the humidity here or what, but I'd settled on just eating everyone else's fudge until a friend shared the easiest fudge recipe ever.  She said that she learned it at a Pampered Chef party several years ago.  I love this quick and easy fudge recipe as a last minute treat during the holidays.  AND, this two ingredient fudge recipe has never let me down! Here's what you'll need for Perfect Fudge In a Flash! (And no, I didn't even have to go and get my recipe book out!  It's that easy to ... read more

Five Homesteading Books to Add to Your Collection

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The term homesteading often brings to mind a picturesque farm in the country with perfectly straight, equally divided fields.  In reality, homesteaders are everywhere. Whether you're in the city or the country, on a large plot of land, on 1/4 acre, or even on a small plot in the suburbs, homesteads come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're new to homesteading or your family has been homesteading for years, here are some great resources to add to your bookshelves. The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals will show you how you can raise farm animals to provide food for your family, even on a limited amount of ... read more

Bartering Ideas: What Can You Trade With Friends and Neighbors?

Bartering Ideas: What Can You Trade With Friends and Neighbors?

Bartering is not a new concept - it’s been around for centuries. In the past, it was common to find neighbors bartering, to see ads in the paper offering skills in exchange for goods, or vice versa, but today, people are more wary of this beneficial way of living. Bartering is an excellent means of obtaining the goods and services you need without exchanging money, and is also a great way to meet the needs of your family in a time where money is tight, times are lean and people are frugal. Exchanging goods and services also helps you and your family develop a sense of community and togetherness as you barter with your neighbors. What? You don't think you have any barter-able skills? ... read more

How to Choose The Right Tomatoes for Your Garden

choose tomato plants

You want tomatoes this year? First you've got to pick (pardon the pun) the kind of tomato that will thrive in your garden and provide exactly what you're looking for in rosy-red (or orange or yellow) goodness. Choosing the right variety of tomato can be complicated. Two of the factors you should consider are growth habits and varieties. I prefer to have several varieties of tomatoes in my garden, simply so that I can extend the growing season as much as possible, and spread out the canning! Tomato Growth Terminology When choosing tomatoes for your garden, it's important to understand growth habits. Tomatoes grow one of two ways: determinate or indeterminate. Determinate ... read more

The Backyard Homestead: An Excellent Resource for Growing Your Own Food


One of my favorite resources for information on sustainable living, homesteading, preparedness, and more is The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan.  I have found this book to be an invaluable resource in planning how we can grow more of our own food with the resources we have. The concept behind this book is utilizing your land to its maximum potential.   With a little planning and hardwork, the Backyard Homestead can help you plan your land to provide a large portion of the food for your family. Planning Your Backyard Homestead Madigan starts by encouraging readers to really think about their property, their neighbors, local laws, and what goals they might have for ... read more

Food and Water: Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Water and Food - Bugout Bag Essentials

Food and water should be one of your first concerns when planning and purchasing for your Bug-Out Bag.  I think it's important that you have a short-term food plan as well as a longer-term food plan for your family and that your emergency kit be able to meet both of those needs. Emergency Supplies: Water You can last a while without food but you absolutely have to have water in order for your body to function.  The human body needs at least 2 quarts of water per day for survival.  Even that may not get you through a long period of time without serious consequences.  I know you're thinking , what about a large family?  And you're right to be concerned.  You need to think about the short ... read more