Find Prepper Kits At Your Local Department Stores and Save Big Money!

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Guess what folks? Prepping gear is becoming more popular – now you can find cheaper, nicer, and cooler prepper stuff in the big department stores. No more relying on over-charging companies to give you a prepper kit! Save money and pick which kit you want – without having to shop around online for the best kit – just go to your local Costco, Sams club or Walmart.

Prepper Kits at Costco – under $100

Costco is one of America’s biggest, most loved big box stores – who knew you could get awesome prepper kits there – even for under $100? One of the best kits I’ve found (and the cheapest) is for a couple, or for you and a friend. The Shelf Reliance® 72-hour, 2-person Emergency Pack is only $89.99 from the Costco website – with a 5 — 7 day estimated shipping time. (Or, for convenience you could enter your location to find the Costco near you – and go to the store to pick it up yourself!) This kit comes with 1 Heavy Duty Backpack, 1 Multi-function knife (includes scissors, screwdriver, and nail file), 10 yards of Duct Tape, 2 Emergency sleeping bags, two 3,600 calorie energy bars, one hand-crank flashlight/radio/siren, 3 liters of emergency water, and much, much more!

Prepper Kits at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is another extremely popular bulk store – and let’s face it – everyone loves Sam’s Club. Now you can find awesome prepper kits at your local or online Sam’s Club – for under $200. The best prepper kit I’ve found is the Ready Freddy Survival Kit – 1 Backpack – for $148.28. This backpack has ten main sections – Personal, Protection, First Aid, Tools, Communication, Power, Supplies, Food, Water, and Light – everything a prepper could need, right at your local Sam’s Club!

Prepper Kits at Walmart

Compared to Costco and Sam’s Club, Walmart has a huge variety of emergency preparedness kits, ranging from $30 to $200 and up, with even more selections online. For natural disaster preparedness, Walmart offers a $167 kit – the Stansport Hurricane/Earthquake/Flood Emergency Preparedness Kit. This 50-piece kit has everything you could want in a natural disaster – and it’s little enough to fit in the backseat of your car, or over your shoulder. The next kit is the Stansport Emergency Survival Kit – a $13 survival kit small enough to fit in your purse, or to keep on hand in case of emergency. The last kit we’ll look at is the Life Gear “Day Pack” Emergency Survival Kit with Emergency Gear and First Aid Kit – held in a waterproof backpack, this kit has it all. (Or close to it at least!) Just make sure you supplement with food and water, because these items are not included in the kit. These three kits are just a few of many, many preparedness kits available at Walmart.

Prepping Becomes More Popular

Being a prepper may not be politically correct, but every day there is something more on the market geared towards the prepping community. From preparedness kits to preparedness items, more and more resources are available all the time. Not sure if you want to invest in the pre-made kit? Why not make your own? Look around at your local stores, and keep an eye out for good deals. Save some money – research good B.O.B. combos and make your own perfect emergency preparedness kit, made to suit your needs and the needs of your family.

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