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You read it right! Here at Mom Prepares, we’re offering a free grocery budget template so you can save go frugal in these tough economic times. So, let’s prepare to save money!

How to Use Your Grocery Budget Template

The Mom Prepares Grocery Budget Template consists of two parts:

(1)    Meals/Snacks: this section includes areas for you to jot down breakfast foods items, lunch foods, snack foods, and dinner/supper foods.

(2)    Coupons

(3)    Sales

In each section, there are four columns and four rows.

Grocery budgeting template: Breakfast Foods section – Image by KS

Once you take a quick look, you’ll have no trouble using this template. Let’s start with the meal/snack sections. In each meal/snack section, there are nine input boxes – this includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/Supper, Snacks)


The first four boxes on the left consist of “Items,” which basically is the stuff that you want to buy. The next four areas directly to the right are boxes where you can enter the prices for each item you’d like to buy. The final box at the bottom right is the total price for all of the items. Yes, unfortunately, budgets do require math – I’m sorry, but you’ll have to break out your pencil and add it all up! (Or do like I do, and use a calculator!)


Paperclip your coupons to your budget so you don’t lose them! – Image by ftibor

This section is even simpler! All you have to do is find some coupons, and once you’ve filled out the basic list of items you regularly get in the top boxes of the Grocery Template, look in your newspaper or Valpak for coupons that apply to your items. For example, if you buy two boxes of shredded wheat every week (Ahem.) you’ll want to keep a look out for shredded wheat coupons. Once you find them, then you can staple the coupons to your grocery budget (as provided) or even just paperclip coupons to your budget.


Here’s where you enter sale information – date, location etc. Image by Kate Singer

It’s very useful to know where all of the good sales are when you go out grocery shopping. With the “Sales” section of the Free Mom Prepares Grocery Budget Template, you can write down the when and where of each sale as soon as you see it in the newspapers. That way, when it’s time to shop, you know where to get the stuff that’s on sale, how long the sale will last, and how much it will cost, so you don’t end up driving all over town in search of the deal you remember reading about in the paper. The point of this section is to have all information regarding sales in your area centralized and written down for your convenience.

Saving Money With a Simple Budget

That’s it – grocery budgeting is as simple as that! Basically, all you need to do is know what you’re going to buy, how much it costs, and where the sales are. This grocery budget template will help you save money – all you need to do is stick to your budget and remember: before you can save money, you need a PLAN to save money.

What’s your best budgeting tip?

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