How to Tell if Eggs are Still Good to Eat

How to Tell if an Egg is Still Good to Eat

Do you know how to tell if the eggs in your refrigerator are still fresh? Image Credit: Suzanne T

Since eggs come in their own pretty little packaging that we can’t see through it’s often hard to know if an egg is still good to eat! How long to eggs really last? How old is the egg when you buy it at the store and how much longer will it stay good in your refrigerator? How about the difference between store bought eggs and home grown? Which have to be refrigerated and why? Should you wash eggs?

There are multiple ways to tell if an egg is still safe to eat, but the water buoyancy test is the easiest! This video will explain what to look for when you place and egg into a glass of water to know if the egg is fresh, needs used quickly, or has gone bad and should be thrown away!

How to Tell if An Egg is Still Fresh

Should Eggs be Washed and Why Do Some Eggs Need to be Refrigerated?

When a hen lays an egg, the egg is coated with a thin protective film that quickly dries and seals the egg. Unwashed eggs can be stored on the counter top for a few weeks. Of course they can be stored much longer in the refrigerator. However, eggs you buy in the store have already been washed, meaning the protective coating has been removed and left the porous shell vulnerable. These eggs must be refrigerated.

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