Make Your Own Fire Starters

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I am the worst at starting a fire.  There.  I admitted it.  My husband constantly scoffs at my attempts to start a fire without his assistance and it drives me crazy!  I hate buying those fire starter logs because, come on, I’m trying to save money and warm our house with the fireplace, not spend more money on fire starters!

I’ve recently found several great articles on making my own fire starters and by spending little to no money!

Lint Fire Starters

Easy fire starters made from things you have laying around your house!

With just some dryer lint, cardboard egg cartons and leftover wax from candles or crayons, you can make your own lint fire starters.

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Beautiful and will help you get a fire started!

I love the idea of these pine cone fire starters and they’re pretty too!  There’s also these pine cone and orange peel fire starters that I’ll bet smells wonderful.

Other Ideas for Homemade Fire Starters

I also found tutorials for these herbal fire starters that I will definitely be drying herbs from my garden next year to try as well as these fire starters made from wood pellet kitty litter. Not interested in making your own homemade fire starters but interested in buying some? You can always purchase these fire starters on etsy.

Keep Reading! Click for Page Two – Commercial Fire Starters

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You can find her on her personal blog, Life Imperfectly.

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  1. The fastest, easiest, cheapest, and most effective firestarter I’ve ever used is cotton balls with Vaseline rubbed in them ( Anyone can get a fire going with them. They light with just a spark and burn strong for upwards of five minutes. All of my scouts carry some in their survival kits.

    • FarmGirl Prepares FarmGirl Prepares says:

      Great idea! I’ve read about this method in camping but it would definitely work in the fireplace too. Also a great survival tip! Thanks Jim!

    • Dear Rambling Jim!

      I love your 100% cotton ball and 100% vaseline technique! It is absolutely fabulous! It supports what I did most recently, but I’m going to remember the knowledge you freely gave for the rest of my life! It is a superior economical technique, and good for my wood burning stove which I thank God for! My initial method was using cotton balls doused with a little cinnamon oil. The flame burned, but it blackened corners of the glass on my stove which I had to remove using fine steel wool. In some areas it still looks a little smeared. Can you recommend a technique for restoring smoked glass? Nevertheless, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I send you lots of love and goodwill! Sincerely, Karen Elise

  2. Self Sufficient Living says:

    You have just remained me that I have 100s of pine cones in my shed, time to start melting some wax!

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