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OK, here it is! The Mom Prepares National Preparedness Month Giveaway post! These are all items I’ve tried out for you in my very own kitchen, courtesy of Dixie Diner’s Club, and everything you see here is tasty, easy to prepare, lightweight, and perfect for back-of-the-pantry storage. The biggest problem for me is that they don’t stay in the back of the pantry – I keep pulling them out for just one more meal… I’m going to need some willpower if I want to use this stuff for my stockpile! Boring old beans and rice are safe from my family’s appetite, but the powdered Beanit butter goes like hotcakes!

Powdered Beanit Butter – I love this stuff! Image by VLN

Powdered Beanit (Soy) Butter

One of my kids is allergic to peanuts, so we eat soy butter (or sunflower butter, or almond butter) or nothing. Trouble is, a jar of soy butter (or peanut butter) is heavy, so it wouldn’t fit in a backpack easily, and it’s a little pricey for my stingy budget. Enter powdered Beanit butter – this stuff is awesome. Add a little oil (I like coconut oil) or a little water if you’re watching your calories, and POOF – yummy soy butter for sandwiches or crackers! I made cookies with it, subbing the Beanit Butter for flour, and they tasted just like Peanut butter cookies! Seriously – YUM! It comes in a bag instead of a jar, so it’s light as anything – perfect for a BugOut Bag!

Sadly, the chicken (not!) salad did not last long enough for a photo shoot. Image by VLN

Chicken (Not) Salad

Another dried and light-as-a-feather food – this is a chicken salad mix that’s super easy to make: just add mayo! When I made it, I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out – the chicken is a meat substitute made from soy, and I didn’t think that anything could take the place of real chicken in a chicken salad. Once I wrestled the bag of Chicken (Not) Salad away from my preschooler (who is utterly convinced that the dried mix of herbs, spices, dried broth and soy-chicken is actually croutons, and was eating it by the handful) and made the actual mix, I was pleasantly surprised. This would also make a great emergency staple, especially since it is surprisingly tasty all by itself- no mayo. (Yes, I tasted it too, and yes – it does taste just like croutons!) This item also comes in a bag, and would be easy to tuck into your emergency kit.

It took some fighting, but I was able to protect this Vanilla Power Shake from my kids long enough to take a photo. YUM! Image by VLN

Rock N Roll Shakes

Dixie’s Rock N Roll shakes are yummy – super high in protein and light little packets – they’re a perfect bug-out item. Just add water in an emergency, or if you’re trying them out at home, put them in the blender with a little ice and you’ll love ’em! (I add a few fresh berries to mine as well, for an amazing shake.)

Giveaway Fabulousness

There you have it! Are you excited? I sure am! I can’t wait to see who wins the Mom Prepares National Preparedness Month Giveaway!!

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