Quick & Simple Advent Calendars

Advent is upon us.  I’ve tried several different homemade Advent calendars and reading plans but haven’t found one that works for us. I’m willing to try again but this year, I want to keep it sweet and simple.

What is Advent?

Advent is simply a countdown to the celebration of Christ’s birthday at Christmas. It’s a way to keep the focus of Christmas where it should be. Of course, retailers have commercialized this time frame with ridiculously overpriced calendars of their own. Many Advent calendars have also become about having a small gift for each day of Advent which seems to be more stressful and costly that it should be.  I’m afraid we’re losing the meaning behind Advent to commercialism.

Instead of joining the commercial hype, we need to re-focus our families.  There’s nothing to say that we can’t make our own simple calendar to remind our family daily of the Real Meaning Of Christmas.

Making Your Own Homemade Advent Calendar

There a lot of different takes on making your own Advent calendar. You can make your calendar as simple or as complex as you want.  I like the simple ones.

This clothes pin Advent wreath is my favorite. I may whip this one up this weekend and get a late start on Advent. Here’s another simple Advent calendar made using clothes pins.

Looking for an Advent calender you can make without spending a dime? Check out this Use What You Have Advent Calendar made from a muffin tin! If you’re feeling craft, check out these printable instructions for a Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar.  I also think you could just use paper to make this.

Keep Reading! Click for Page Two – Another idea and what to put in an Advent Calendar!

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