Recycling Unused Christmas Cards: Waste Not, Want Not!

What to do with Christmas cards after the holidays? - Photo by theogeo

What to do with Christmas cards after the holidays? – Photo by theogeo

Christmas has come and gone; the decorations are put away for the next season’s celebrations but the good prepper in you is asking, “What can I do with all those extra Christmas cards?”

Glad you asked!

After the Christmas season there are those cards we received full of good cheer and good wishes that I always hate to just throw away. Usually there are a few extra unsent cards that are left over, too. After a few years the received and extra unmailed cards add up to quite a pile. What can we do with all these cards?

As I see it you have a few options:

Recycle Christmas Cards

This probably goes without saying but use those new unsent ones for next year just like they are – and if it’s been written in, you can recycle the card by cutting it in half at the fold and gluing the front onto a piece of cardstock twice as wide as the front of the card. This allows you to personalize the message inside especially if you did not think the old message appropriate to your family’s holiday beliefs.

Craft Ideas for Old or Unused Christmas Cards

If you have children around you know how creative they are – their little minds see almost everything as material to cut up, color or paste. This brings another idea to mind: Why not use cards as craft paper? The colors are intensely beautiful and should not be just tossed and unused.

Here are a couple ideas:

Cut letters out of the cards, and glue them onto cardstock to produce an entirely new message.

Cut images out of individual cards and reglue them onto cardstock to create a new, unique scene. For example, cut a snowman out and place it over a simple blue piece of cardstock – embellish it with other cut out images as you creatively see fit.

Christmas Card

Christmas cards should be recycled – photo by arolenrock

Keep A Holiday Card Box

I’ve taken a small box to which I’ve added all my old or unused holiday, birthday and other greeting cards. When I need a new card, I go through the box to see what I can recycle, or remake to use for the occasion. I have to tell you, I haven’t bought a new card in years and I always get compliments on my cards. Envelopes? Several years ago I bought a group of envelopes of various sizes – these I keep in the box, too. Easy as pie!

The prepper wife, mother and homekeeper prepares for as much as she possibly can. Recycling useful items such as Christmas cards, means that you have much less to shop for. A penny saved is a penny earned, and those fancy holiday cards cost a lot more than a penny!

What’s your favorite way to recycle Christmas cards?

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