Slow Cooker Biscuits: Quick Breads Just Got Easier

Overnight biscuits in the crockpot are awesome! Image by KS

Have you ever wanted fresh, warm biscuits first thing in the morning without the hassle of gathering ingredients, mixing, and (ugh) kneading?Also, now that summer has hit its peak, who wants to heat the whole house up for at least 15 minutes when you can just wait overnight for your delicious biscuits and wake up to the aroma of ready-to-eat breakfast? Well, for the answer to your problem, turn to your good friend the slow cooker. Ladies, Fire up Your Crock Pots! To make overnight biscuits in your Crock Pot (or any kind of slow cooker), use about 1 and 1/2 cups of your favorite biscuit dough.  (the biscuits shown are made with Bakesquick, a low-carb baking mix, but whatever biscuit ... read more