Grocery Budget Template: Free Download for Mom Prepares Readers!


    You read it right! Here at Mom Prepares, we’re offering a free grocery budget template so you can save go frugal in these tough economic times. So, let’s prepare to save money! How to Use Your Grocery Budget Template The Mom Prepares Grocery Budget Template consists of two parts: (1)    Meals/Snacks: this section […]

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient (No Carpentry Involved)

Energy-efficient bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Photo by Mattia Luigi Nappi

Whether you’re trying to keep summer’s heat or winter’s chill outside, the energy-efficiency of your home is dependent on several different factors, not all of which you can easily control. You can improve your home’s energy-efficiency by adding additional insulation or repairing the ductwork in your home, for example, but that takes tools and skills […]

Final Week of Serious Budgeting: How Much Will We Save?

Mmm.... jalapenos! Perfect for making Mexican casserole! - Image by Spiders

To our Serious Budgeting Series readers: we are at the final week of our goal! We have battled through temptation, restricted our frivolous grocery-buying, and stood firm in our thrifty determination of only spending $100 this month on groceries! I’m here to tell you how last week and this week went. (Tune in next week […]

Serious Budgeting and Changing Goals: Being a Cheerful Giver

Go ahead, Wal Mart, take my money.. I really needed that new tire! Image by sufinawaz

To the readers who may have been following our Serious Budgeting series on MomPrepares: our goal has changed. Instead of saving the $300 out of our budget for Disneyland, we have decided to donate the money to a more “worthy” cause. Due to a few small calamities (blown out tire? Hello!) we’ve also decided to […]