What To Do When a Tornado is Coming: Weather the Approaching Storm

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What To Do When a Tornado is Coming

What To Do When a Tornado is Coming:
Weather the approaching storm.

If you have to ride out a major storm or tornado in your home, you need to already have a plan for your family in place. We’ve talked some about how to prepare for tornado season, so you should be prepared. If your area is under a tornado warning, but the tornado isn’t bearing down on you yet, take some time to gather some items to keep your family safe during and after the storm. Now it’s time to put that preparedness into practice.

Prepare for Comfort and Safety During a Tornado

Worried about your family’s comfort and safety as the winds roar around your home? Keep these items close, as you wait out the tornado.

  • Battery-powered radio: An emergency radio offers you a number of options that will be invaluable in a storm. If you don’t have a emergency radio, grab any radio that has batteries in it, so that if the power goes out, you still know what’s going on.
  • Protective items: Most injuries during in a tornado are from flying debris, so grab couch cushions, heavy blankets, pillows off your bed, or whatever you can find to cover up with, and take them with you into your safe area. Strapping on a bike helmet may sound silly, but it’s a great way to prevent head injuries when the wind is blowing heavy stuff around.

A little forethought will further your efforts to keep your family safe during a tornado or other imminent weather.

  • Lighting: Keep a box in your closet that holds good emergency lights like flashlights, battery-powered lanterns and new batteries to quickly grab before an approaching storm.
  • Pets: Keep extra leashes and pet crates in a location where they are easily accessible. If you know there’s a the potential for a major storm or tornado, go ahead and crate up everyone you can and get them to a safe location. Put leashes on your dogs and have them ready to grab and go.
  • Water: A few gallons of purified water in your safe area will help you keep your family hydrated if you get trapped for a short period of time. You should also know how to get drinkable water in an emergency, just in case your supply gets blown away or runs out.

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