AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier Review

The taste and purity of bottled water right from your tap!

AquaTru Water Purifier Review
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AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier

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Purification System




This is a review of the AquaTru Countertop water purifier system to see if it is worth buying for your home.

Today I’ll be reviewing my newest investment in detoxing the household: the AquaTru Countertop Water Purifier. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and already notice a huge difference.

It has saved me a lot of time and effort, so I wanted to take some time today to tell you about AquaTru and how it works. 

Why I Use a Water Purifier

I use a water purifier because frankly, I don’t trust tap water.

Many water sources in the United States become contaminated with lead and other toxins every year.

Regular consumption can cause neurological problems, interfere with hormones, stunt children’s development, and even cause cancer.

Despite the 1974 Safe Water Act, the Flint Water Crisis of 2014 saw large amounts of lead and bacteria contaminate the water.

It cost a dozen people their lives, with dozens more sickened. And this wasn’t an isolated event. Erin Brokovich, anyone?

That’s not a risk I’m willing to take with myself, my husband, or my two-year-old son.

AquaTru Water Purifier

So what are our options?

Buying tons of bottles of water, or investing in a water purifier. 

Water Bottles

Hopefully, the cons to buying bottled water for the rest of my life are obvious. It’s terrible for the environment.

Every year, Americans go through billions of plastic bottles. Every time I buy them I feel incredibly guilty. They’re also a total pain to lug around!

Plastic bottles can also leach dangerous micro particles and toxins into water.

Water Purifiers

The other, better option is a water purifier. But there are so many on the market, many with a significant price tag. So actually choosing and committing to a purification system can be daunting.

There’s the pitcher and refrigerator filters, and I used them for a long time. But major brands can only filter chlorine, asbestos, benzene, ibuprofen and BPA. They don’t filter bacteria, nor the dozens of potential contaminants listed by the EPA.

Plus, while they may be cheap at the beginning, the filters have to be replaced every couple of months, which really hikes up long-term costs and creates hassle.

Then there are home water purification systems. I’ve done the research, and these are usually effective systems that deliver clean water. However, in almost every case the equipment or the installation required (or both) are insanely expensive.

They take up an obscene amount of space, and aren’t exactly easy to fix or maintain should a problem arise (and it always does).

That’s why I love AquaTru. It delivers the ease and portability of a pitcher water filter, with the efficacy of larger home water purification systems.

Why do I like AquaTru Better than other Water Filters?

As I said, AquaTru combines the high quality of large purification systems with the efficiency of pitcher filters. Let's talk specifics.

Using reverse osmosis, AquaTru filters 76 of contaminants regulated by the EPA, including lead, chromium 6, chlorine and chloramine, fluoride, pesticides and fertilizers, and drug residues.

I know water doesn’t have a taste per say, but I notice a huge difference. The water doesn’t taste as heavy as before, and is really fresh.

It’s easy to set up, use, and clean. It sits on your countertop and doesn’t interfere with your plumbing, and it uses a 120-volt outlet, meaning it will only cost you two dollars a year in electricity!

Also, the filters only need to be replaced every six months to a year, which saves the hassle and cost of constantly replacing them. Especially because they can be ordered online!

details about what aquatru water purifer can filter

How does AquaTru it work?

AquaTru uses Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology. This is the best of the best when it comes to home water purification systems. It’s like a miniature version of what the big bottled water companies use.

AquaTru purifies a gallon of water in 15 minutes. It works very noiselessly too, which I love.

AquaTru Water Purifier Filtration system explained

There are two tanks. You fill the back with tap water and when the AquaTru is turned on, water moves into the front tank through four filters. It alerts you to let you know when it is finished.

You’ll see some remaining water in the back tank. It is concentrated with contaminants, and can be disposed.

This is what happens with all water purification systems, and the AquaTru converts tap water into 75% pure water and 25% waste water, which is actually a lot more efficient than most systems out there.

I like that because it’s important not to needlessly waste water.

AquaTru Water Purification System

I’ll try not to get too technical about the filtration process because you can read about it on the website.

Here are the basics:

  • The Sediment Pre-Filter removes sediment and cloudiness from water.
  • The Activated Carbon Pre-Filter removes 99% of chlorine and chloramines.
  • The High-efficiency Reverse Osmosis Filter removes toxic inorganic contaminants including lead, chromium 6, radium, arsenic, nitrate, and more.
  • The water finally goes through an Activated Coconut Shell, which removes toxic organic chemicals like drug residue, fertilizer, pesticides, and more.
  • How much does it Cost?

    An AquaTru is currently $449.00, with a $20.00 shipping fee. Replacement filters are around $50.00, but only need to be purchased once or twice a year.

    This includes a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. After reading some reviews, it seems like the company is good at honoring these.

    Final Thoughts About AquaTru Water Purifier

    I understand that the AquaTru can be a bit of an investment, but I know it’s going to save me a lot of time and money down the road. Not to mention health issues! This is one of the best water purification systems on the market and I am super happy with mine. It’s easy to use and the water tastes great!


    • Unique patent-pending Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology
    • Certified to remove 76 toxic chemicals
    • Easy to set up, use, and clean
    • Low-maintenance

    • Initial investment required
    • You have to reorder new filters
    • The back chamber can leak if not put together tightly 
    AquaTru Water Purifier

    It's Time to Join The Water Revolution

    Experience the difference of your water quality inside your home with the AquaTru water purifier.

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