Burst Sonic Toothbrush Review

Is it the best electric toothbrush for white and clean teeth?

Burst Sonic Toothbrush Review
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Burst Sonic Toothbrush

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This is a review of the Burst Sonic Toothbrush to see if actually works and if you should purchase the toothbrush yourself.


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Today I’m really excited because not only am I reviewing my first electric toothbrush, but it's one I really love: Burst Sonic Toothbrush. 

It’s a new electric toothbrush that’s kind of booming all over social media, being sponsored by Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian. Burst’s website boasts over 22,000 positive reviews.

Burst has a lot of unique features, and I’ll let you guys know how I think it stands up to the hype. 

What makes Burst Sonic Toothbrush different from other Electric Toothbrushes?

It has a very sleek design in black, white, or rose gold. It has a simple, modern digital display and a diamond grip handle that makers it comfortable to hold and use.

Burst has a 33,000 sonic vibrations-per-minute motor, which stands up well to its competitors. To compare, Sonicare has a standard 31,000 vibrations per minute.

Despite the high-power motor, it’s surprisingly quiet, which is great since I often wake up before my small child.

Black Burst Toothbrush

Burst runs at 33,000 vibrations per minute on whitening mode—one of its three brushing modes. The other two are massage and sensitive. 

Burst Toothbrush Bristles

Which brings me to my favorite feature: Burst’s whitening charcoal bristles. They’re super soft and made with PBT nylon. Charcoal both removes surface stains and is naturally antimicrobial, keeping the head as clean as possible.

That is, until you receive a new brush head in the mail. Burst has an optional subscription model in which they’ll send you a brand new brush every three months to replace your old one.

Six dollars is automatically charged to your credit card so you don’t even have to think about it. 

We’ve all found ourselves in the toothbrush aisle counting back the months since we bought a new one, haven’t we? This makes the processing of purchasing online so much simpler. 

Another thing you’ll never have to think about is how long you’ve spent brushing your teeth. Burst features a 2-minute timer, which is the amount of time dentists recommend.

On top of that is a quad interval timer, which goes off every 30 seconds. That way you can dedicate the same amount of time to each quadrant of your mouth. 

Burst’s battery lasts 4 weeks, so you can take it traveling with you without worrying about taking a clunky chord or base. It's also conveniently charged with a USB cable.

Does Burst Sonic Toothbrush clean as well as other toothbrushes?

In my experience, yes. Dentist reviews speak very highly of Burst as well. I actually was using one of the big-brand electric toothbrushes before I got my Burst.

I feel my mouth is slightly cleaner using the whitening mode twice a day than it was before.

My experience with the Burst

The most important thing is that it cleans my mouth well and doesn’t damage my teeth or gums. Check.

But there are many reasons why I love this toothbrush...and I few things I wish they’d change. 

First, I have to put it out there: I love the aesthetic. It is so chic and cute. I know that that’s not the most important consideration, but hey, if you’re going to invest money in something you use every day, why not have it be something you actually like looking at?

I also notice a visible difference in my teeth. I’ve been using Burst for a month, and when I watch the videos I’ve filmed of myself, I notice my teeth getting whiter and whiter.

I love seeing evidence that the charcoal bristles are working. I’d definitely recommend taking pictures of your smile every so often so you can track your own progress (if you decide to invest in one yourself).

And in all honesty, there are a couple things I don’t like:

1. The carrying case isn’t as nice as other brands. It’s a little flimsy. The rose gold edition gets a nicer version, which is a little frustrating because it’s more expensive than the black and white brush. Which I guess is fair.

But it would be nice if the high aesthetic value of the toothbrush carried over to the travel case too. It’s one of Burst’s main selling points. However, you can buy a sleek travel case for an extra $12.00.

2. The base is kind of flimsy too. It works just fine, but doesn’t have a proper bottom. When you pick it up by the base, the toothbrush can come out of place. 

rose gold burst toothbrush package

How much does a Burst Sonic Toothbrush cost?

Burst Toothbrush package

The classic white or black Burst, which includes a base, brush head (good for three months), USB charger, and wall socket, costs $69.99.

The rose gold edition is a bit more expensive, at $99.99. Both options come with free shipping too. Mine arrived in only three or four days.

The white and black replacement brushes cost $6.00 via subscription, and the rose gold $7.00. 

This is a pretty good price for a quality electric toothbrush, and I’ve also got a special 10% off code for you!

Final Thoughts About Burst Sonic Toothbrush

I’m in love with my new Burst. It’s super cute and more importantly, cleans even better than my last electric toothbrush. I also notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I’m loving the subscription model they have for brush heads too. I would recommend this to anyone who’s not using an electric toothbrush, or is dissatisfied with their own. Or anyone who wants whiter teeth!


  • Subscription automatically renews brushes
  • Charcoal bristles naturally whiten teeth
  • 2-minute and quad interval timer
  • High aesthetic value
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Effectively cleans at 33,000 sonic vibrations-per-minute with three brush modes

  • Slightly flimsy base
  • Rose gold edition costs extra
  • Have to pay extra for a nice carrying case for the white and black Bursts
Burst Toothbrush package

Start Cleaning Your Teeth With Burst

Burst makes cleaning your teeth fun with it's electric brushing and charcoal based bristles

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