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Fit Freeze Ice Cream
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Read my review of FitFreeze Ice Cream, the 100% Natural. A Delicious Guilt-Free Ice Cream.

We all have different obstacles when it comes to our weight. If you’re like me, it’s a giant sweet tooth. I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten healthy all day only to ruin it by bingeing on dessert.

You know, when you spend an hour preparing a beautiful, healthy meal and throw it all away with a bag of cookies.

It’s especially bad when anything in life goes wrong. Which is all the time. I’ve even had grocery store clerks look up from my chocolate, cookie dough, and ice cream and say, “bad day huh?”

I know that sugar is an addiction, but it’s such a socially acceptable one that it’s almost impossible to beat. I was sick of the post-binge guilt and of my gut.

But then I heard about FitFreeze Ice Cream

What is FitFreeze Ice Cream?

FitFreeze is a healthy ice cream. Too good to be true?

Hear me out:

The ice cream is designed for people like me. People whose love for desserts and sugar get in the way having of the body we want.

FitFreeze has nearly half the calories of regular ice cream, three times as much protein, and a third of the fat.

FitFreeze Ice Cream Chocolate
FitFreeze Nutrition Facts

It also contains omega-3s, which increase energy, focus, and attention. That’s usually the opposite of what ice cream does! 

FitFreeze also hydrates. Water helps every process in the body, including fat-burning.

Plus, it has tons of fiber, which control hunger cravings and keep blood sugar in check.

It’s also almost completely sugar-free, which is great news for those with diabetes. Much of its sweetness is from stevia, which is completely natural.

The balance of whey protein, omega-3 fats, and carbs make this ice cream a balanced and nutritious meal. I couldn't ask for a better solution to my sweet tooth.

Chad Tackett

The ice cream was designed by Chad Tackett, who has a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. He invested an insane amount of time, money, and research to develop this product. 

Delicious with tons of Flavor Options. 

I like to think of it as an amazing protein shake - but ice cream! It comes in a bag of either Vanilla or Chocolate powder. All you have to do is blend it with water and freeze. You don’t even need an ice cream maker.

But you can add other tasty and healthy ingredients. With your bag of FitFreeze you receive a bonus Recipe Book, which has lots of mouth-watering flavors…

FitFreeze Flavors

This way, I never get bored with plain chocolate or vanilla. My favorites are Cookie Dough and Pistachio, made with my Vanilla FitFreeze.

SO good! I also like to get creative and make up my own flavors.

FitFreeze Pistachio Flavor

My kids love FitFreeze too - they have no idea it’s healthy! We like to play ice cream parlor and dress up the FitFreeze with fruits, nuts, and a little candy. 

Once we made Root Beer Floats. They were delicious and super popular with my husband! On a hot day, they also make great popsicles.

I feel good treating my family (and myself) to satisfying and delicious desserts. FitFreeze is not only nutritionally dense, but 100% natural, diabetic-friendly, and gluten-free. 

You also get Two More Bonuses!

Easy-to-Follow Meal Planner

FitFreeze Meal Planner

This is a completely digital product you can start using right away. Tackett calls it the “fat loss blueprint.” It takes the guesswork out of balancing proteins, fat, and carbs to give me the best results possible.

Now that I’m not bingeing dessert anymore, I’m not ashamed of logging my calories. I’m actually proud!

Online Community and Professional Support

FitFreeze Online Support Group

A wonderful online group that even Tackett participates in, the community makes me feel like I’m not alone. You can post questions and get helpful feedback from people in the same boat.

It’s also great for celebrating achievements and expressing frustration. 

My FitFreeze Ice Cream Review

Final Thoughts About FitFreeze

Before trying FitFreeze, I was skeptical. A fat-burning ice cream? Yeah, right. But then I watched countless testimonial videos of normal people. I couldn’t believe their stories.

The average FitFreeze success story loses 33 pounds in 12 weeks! One woman even lost over 100 pounds!

I already ate ice cream almost every day, and since Tackett was offering it at a special 25% discount, I gave it a shot. After all, that’s less than $2.00 a bowl. You’ll pay a lot more for some of those other fat-packed store-bought brands!

And I am so glad I did. I love it. It’s safe, I don’t have to drop a bunch of money at the gym, and I can share it with my whole family.

On top of the 25% discount and three bonuses, Tackett also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like FitFreeze, you can just send it back for a refund.

And that’s it! Totally safe, creamy, delicious, fat-burning ice cream!


  • ​The FitFreeze Recipe Book provides tons of unique, delicious flavors
  • Lose an average of 33 pounds in 12 weeks
  • Free bonus Meal Planner and supportive Online Community
  • Currently 25% off with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Completely natural and great for diabetics

  • ​It comes in a powdered form so you have make it and wait for it to freeze
  • You have to wait for it in the mail
FitFreeze Ice Cream Chocolate

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