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An industry leading combination of ingredients clinically tested on women to increase the fat burning hormone

Femme Forme Kindle Fat Burner
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Read my review of Kindle Fat Burner by Femme For Me to see if it worked for me and if you should try it.

The weight loss supplement that’s designed specifically for women and actually works.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “magical pill” to make the fat fall off our bodies? So many weight loss supplements on the market all claim the same thing, so it’s nearly impossible to tell which ones actually work.

As a woman, it’s especially hard for me to lose weight in typical problem areas. You know what I’m talking about: lower belly fat, love handles, thighs, and under the arms.


But then I think to myself, “How do some women get over these hurdles and eliminate the fat from those problem areas? Can I achieve these same results?”

This is a question that has been plaguing women for decades. Even after trying countless products, fad diets, and impossible workout routines, those stubborn areas don’t budge.

The majority of weight loss products on the market just aren’t designed with women-specific problems in mind.

Finally, there’s a scientific explanation and solution for women: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about leptins.

Leptins are naturally occurring hormones that have been scientifically linked to fat burning, appetite control, and boosting metabolism.

I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical...but then I came across the Kindle Fat Burner made by Femme Forme. It’s the women-specific solution to weight loss that actually burns fat 24/7.

I’m so glad I gave this product a try because it’s actually legitimate. The Kindle Fat Burner has delivered on all its promises for me, and I’m positive it can do the same for you.

What is the Kindle Fat Burner?

Femme Forme created the Kindle Fat Burner to help women hack their genetics and lose the stubborn fat that female bodies hold onto.

Men and women lose weight differently. It’s just a fact. Women naturally hold onto more body fat than men, which makes it more difficult for women to lose weight than men.

For us women, that means we’re stuck with stubborn fat in female-specific problem areas.

So, if men and women store and lose fat differently, why are all weight loss solutions the same for both genders?


Luckily the women who founded Femme Forme realized that women need weight loss products designed specifically to help them. That’s where the Kindle Fat Burner is completely different from anything you’ve ever tried.

Kindle Fat Burner

How the Kindle Fat Burner Hacks Leptins for Weight Loss

Remember those leptins we were talking about earlier? We barely scratched the surface when it comes to this fat-burning hormone.

Leptin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and regulates body weight. Men have this hormone, too, but it’s dominant in women. This means that women will experience significantly better weight loss results by leveraging this hormone compared to men.

This hormone is often called the “starvation hormone” because it signals the brain that the body is full. Instead of over-eating and gaining weight from excess calorie consumption, leptin curbs your appetite.

No need to restrict calories and go on crazy diets because leptins completely regulate your eating habits.

Here’s How Leptins Work:

  • High levels of leptin speed up metabolism, boost fat-burning mechanisms, and decrease appetite.
  • Low levels of leptin slow down metabolism, encourage the body to hold onto fat, and increase appetite.

So, if we have this miracle hormone in our bodies already, why is losing weight so difficult?

Two words: Leptin resistance.

Leptins are created by fat cells in the body. More body fat means more leptins. While this seems like a good thing—because high levels of leptin can aid in weight loss—the body slowly becomes resistant to the positive effects of leptin.

How the Kindle Fat Burner Manages Leptin Levels

The Kindle Fat Burner is the only product you’ll find that leverages leptin hormones to the average woman’s advantage.

As we’ve explained, dealing with leptins is tricky business: Low levels can lead to weight gain, and high levels can lead to leptin resistance.

Femme Forme uniquely harnesses cutting-edge technology to manage leptin levels in a way that’s clinically tested to greatly impact female weight loss.

The Kindle Fat Burner formula targets leptin levels in women to create a hormonal balance that puts the female body in fat-burning mode.

Kindle Boxing Girl

What’s in the Kindle Fat Burner?

Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Since each serving is 2 capsules, the bottle provides 60 servings.

Femme Forme recommends taking only 1 serving per day. This is because the ingredients are so potent.

Kindle Fat Burner Ingredients Supplement Facts

Here are the main ingredients:


Green tea extract

Green tea is a weight loss powerhouse ingredient because of its effects on metabolism elevation. This extract alone can increase fat burning by a whopping 35%.



Ever wondered how the Kindle Fat Burner is able to work for 24 hours straight? It’s thanks to this metabolic enhancer. Caffeine is the most well-studied weight loss ingredients that’s proven to extend periods of fat burning.


Irvingia Gabonensis

This is a West African fruit also known as IGOB131. It’s a widely studied extract that positively impacts the body’s weight loss hormones. It’s been studied in human trials, where it was proven to positively affect leptin levels for decreased body fat.



A lesser-known ingredient that deserves the spotlight is resveratrol. This compound is found in grapes and even in wine. It has antioxidant properties to protect the body. It’s other health benefits include helping to manage leptin levels to promote a healthy metabolism.


Vitamin B12

This ingredient is so effective at weight loss that some people get pure vitamin B12 injected into their bodies. Vitamin B12 is an all-star when it comes to boosting metabolism and encouraging rapid weight loss.

What You Get + Bonuses

Every order of the Kindle Fat Burner gives you access to two incredible bonus items. These bonuses are workout-focused guides specifically designed with the women’s natural body in mind.

Kindle Fat Burner Free Bonuses

The two FREE bonuses include:

1. The Leptin Code

A 28-day transformation system that dramatically increases your results when done in conjunction with the Kindle Fat Burner. The system includes fat-burning workouts that are easy-to-follow yet effective.

2. Bigger Better Booty Workout

Ever wanted to target your glutes and build a toned booty? This guide takes the guesswork out of slimming down while toning up.

On top of the two free bonus items, the Kindle Fat Burner is having a limited-time special promotion.

Save up to 47% for a limited time

If you have more than 10 pounds of stubborn fat to lose, Femme Forme strongly recommends going with their 3-bottle bundle of the Kindle Fat Burner. This bundle is currently on discount for 40% off.

If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, the 5-bottle bundle is for you. Good news: This discounted bundle is currently 47% off!

Every order includes a 60-day money back guarantee and instant access to the free bonuses, so you have nothing to lose but weight!

Kindle Fat Burner Products

Final Thoughts About Kindle Fat Burner

If you’re a woman with some extra pounds to lose, this product is for you. There’s no restrictive diet and no 2-hour workouts.

You can still enjoy your lifestyle while losing weight. Even better, you can lose weight in those areas you thought you’d never shed. Say goodbye to lower belly fat, love handles, and more.

This product has been professionally evaluated and the ingredients are all extremely well-studied. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Kindle Fat Burner is safe, effective, and the weight loss solution all women have been waiting for.


  • Each bottle contains a 30-day supply
  • You may see results the first week
  • Ingredients are backed by science
  • The product is specifically designed for women
  • Two free bonuses are included
  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • You may have to order multiple bottles
  • Can’t be taken before bed
  • Some people may be sensitive to caffeine
Kindle Fat Burner

 Kindle Fat Burner by Femme For Me

An industry leading combination of ingredients clinically tested on women to increase the fat burning hormone

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