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Does it really help enhance your energy & focus?

OptiMind Review
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This is a review of OptiMind supplement. It will cover the details about this supplement and if it helps enhance energy and focus.

I, like most people in the world, have a serious coffee addiction. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I recently found a great alternative to my morning coffee that takes much less time and effort.

It’s the nootropic stack Optimind. I just take the recommended 1-2 pills when waking up or sitting at my desk for the first time of the day, and within ten minutes my mind is clearer, sharper, and alert. 

Without any gross jitters, coffee breath, or stained teeth! It’s also got some seriously great long-term effects, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

What is Optimind?

Optimind is one of the most famous nootropic stacks on the market. The supplements promise to enhance energy and focus in the short term, while improving overall memory and cognitive function in the long term.

Optimind is made by the brand AlternaScript, which specializes in natural, healthy supplements.

This nootropic stack is a 12-ingredient formula based on 50 years of neuroscience research. I’ll give you some information on each ingredient below.

But first...

Alterna Script OptiMind

What are Nootropics?

According to Wikipedia, nootropics—also known as smart drugs, limitless pills, and cognitive enhancers—are “drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.”

A “nootropics stack,” like Optimind, is a supplement that contains two or more of these beneficial ingredients.

Nootropics, while generally new on the supplement market, are growing in sales every year. 

What makes Optimind different from other Nootropic Stacks?

Optimind has a pretty significant following, with positive reviews going back for years on their website.

The pills are manufactured in a GMP-certified lab and each batch is purity tested before being shipped.

Unfortunately, Optimind doesn’t list the exact quantities of each ingredient.

This protects them from competitors, but also prevents the user from knowing exactly how much of each substance they’re putting in their body, and can make dosing a little rocky.

optimind nutrition facts

Here’s a run-down of Optimind's 12 ingredients:

GABA is your chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, blocking impulses between nerve cells in the brain. As such, research suggests that it may relax nerves and boost overall mood, while also playing a role in healthy hormone production. 

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid found in the membranes of our cells. It’s a popular nootropic because of its ability to help keep the mind and memory sharp. Animal studies suggest that it may ward off the memory loss and mental decline that comes with aging. 

Vitamin D-3’s primary function is to help the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, keeping bones strong. Research shows that Vitamin D-3 deficiencies result in low energy and poor mood. That’s why it’s a good idea to take it as a supplement, especially during the winter months!

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that reverses cellular damage in the body and restores vitamin levels. In this way it protects the brain from damage, likely lending itself to the long-term benefits of this nootropic stack.

Caffeine, at 150 mg per serving, is what I believe to be one of the primary ingredients in Optimind. But I could be wrong! That’s roughly a cup and a half of coffee, and I notice the same effects: alertness, focus, improved mood, with a bit of a crash after a few hours. This may make Optimind a deal breaker for those with caffeine intolerances, but luckily it doesn’t bother me.

Huperzine A is a substance purified from Chinese club moss. It’s used to treat Alzheimer’s, memory impairment, and loss of mental abilities.

Tyrosine is an amino acid used by the body to create chemical messengers to the brain. It’s often taken to enhance learning, memory, and alertness.

Taurine is a conditional amino acid, and can treat a huge range of issues, like congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, cystic fibrosis, liver disease, eye problems, epilepsy, ADHD, and more. It’s also reported to improve mental performance.

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that so many of us are deficient of, resulting in cognitive decline and poor mood. It protects nerve sheaths, supporting long-term brain function. 

Sulbutiamine increases thiamine levels in the brain. It’s often taken by athletes because it fights fatigue and weakness, while boosting athletic performance. It’s also believed to treat memory problems, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

Vinpocetine is a substance believed to improve blood flow to the brain, enhance memory, and prevent Alzheimer’s. It’s also attributed to helping people continue to learn and process information as they age.

Bacopa monnieri (Synapsa) has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to stimulate brain chemicals used for thinking, learning, and memory. Today it’s used to treat Alzheimer's disease, memory problems, anxiety, and ADHD.

How much does Optimind Cost?

At the moment, a month's supply of Optimind costs $43.31, with a discounted price if you buy two bottles. This is a pretty competitive price in the nootropic market.

But, if you jump on their website, you can request a rush order for a free Optimind 10-pack. This is an awesome opportunity if you’re curious about nootropics but aren’t ready to commit. 

Final Thoughts About OptiMind

I’m not going to lie—I still love my morning coffee from time to time. But the long-term effects that this can bring you can’t be beaten by a cup 'o joe. I enjoy taking them for increased productivity too. I’d encourage anyone to at least try out the trial 10-pack and see how they like it, because there’s nothing to lose!


  • Increased alertness and energy
  • Contains 12 well-researched and effective nootropics and vitamins
  • Beneficial long-term effects like improved memory and cognitive function

  • Contains caffeine
  • Exact amount of each ingredient per pill is unknown
Alterna Script OptiMind

Unleash Your Mind with OptiMind

Enhance your energy and focus with this nootropic supplement

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