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Is it the best pre-workout powder for women?

PowHer Review
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This is a review of Powher pre-workout powder specifically designed for women. See if it is a supplement that I recommend trying.

Today I'll be looking at the female pre-workout powder Powher, from everything that goes in it to how it stands up to its competitors. 

I’ll also let you guys know how I've been enjoying it so far!

What is Powher?

Powher is a pink lemonade-flavored pre-workout powder for women.

Powher is designed to support more intense workouts and increase motivation without the “bulking up” promoted by most male-oriented pre-workout supplements out there. 

box and bottle of powher

What makes Powher different from other Pre-workouts?

The most obvious thing that makes Powerher unique is that it's formulated specifically for women, down to its pretty pink packaging.

bottle of powher

Powher contains no creatine. The website claims that creatine is a normal pre-workout ingredient because it helps people bulk up, which isn't ideal for women.

While I think that some women may actually be looking for muscle mass, its true that Powher’s main market is probably looking for the “Victoria's Secret model body” it promises.

There are three particular ingredients that make Powher different from other pre-workouts: patented formulas EnXtra, RedNite, and Oxyjun.

A quick Google search showed me that these formulas were all designed by ENovate Biolife, a company that's been around for over ten years producing high-quality, well-researched pharmaceuticals with natural ingredients.

Here's a rundown of those three special ingredients:

EnXtra is a natural “caffeine amplifier.” It’s derived from C.Flexuous oil, A. galanga, and G. Glabra, which are all natural ingredients.

This is a great addition to me, because it allows Powher to only use a little caffeine and users still get the full boost of energy during their workout. Plus, there's no crash afterwards!

Oxyjun is extracted from the bark of the ‘Termninalia Arjuna’ tree. It was developed specifically for use in pre-workouts because it supports heart health and cardio endurance.

RedNite is a beetroot concentrate powder full of healthy nitrates and antioxidants. Studies show that it helps people resist fatigue and boosts overall performance. I bet it's how Powher gets its pretty pink color too!

You can read more about these special ingredients and their clinical studies on the Enovate Biolife website.

The other ingredients in Powher are more common in pre-workouts.

Here's a quick look at what else the formula contains:

powher nutrition facts

Natural Caffeine is a super popular ingredient in pre-workouts for obvious reasons. It boosts focus, mood, energy, and stamina. Powher only contains 100mg of extended release green coffee per serving, which is significantly less than most pre-workouts.

This is great, because generally speaking, women don't need as much as men do. It also lasts 4-5 hours. When combined with EnXtra, this is the perfect crash-free boost.

Coconut Water Powder is rich in electrolytes, making Powher a natural, hydrating sports drink as well as a pre-workout!

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B5 boosts mental and physical performance while reducing fatigue.

Vitamin B6 maintains healthy nerve and metabolic function.

Vitamin B12 supports energy levels and immunity. It also contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism, as well as healthy red blood cell formation. 

L-Tyrosine has shown to help with focus in extremely stressful situations and precurses the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, epinephrine, and nor-epinephrine.

L-Citrulline Malate improves blood flow and circulation, making it a very common addition to pre-workouts. One of Powher’s main criticisms is that it only uses two grams of citrulline, while studies show that it’s more effective in doses of 5-8 grams.

Beta Alanine has been shown to increase the production of the protein molecule carnosine, which may help reduce fatigue in women during exercise. 

Taurine is another popular pre-workout ingredient because it aids in muscle recovery and when combined with caffeine, lends itself to increased focus. Powher has more than double the amount normally used in pre-workouts.

Powher also contains Sucralose. This makes it taste a lot better, but may not be ideal for those avoiding artificial sweeteners. 

My Experience with Powher

I've been really liking Powher. I actually always take pre-workouts even when I'm not going to the gym, just because it helps me focus and keep up with my toddler.

This one is honestly the best pre-workout I've ever tasted. It's like a really yummy, tart pink lemonade. It’s perhaps the only pre-workout I’ve had that doesn't taste weird and chemically.

I love how it comes with no crash, jitters, or shakiness. Some pre-workouts, especially the ones loaded with creatine, make me feel like crap.

There have been times where I actually felt uncomfortable working out because my heart was racing so fast. I have yet to experience any side effects with Powher. 

Plus, I have to admit it—the pink package is really chic and cute.

How much does Powher cost?

Powher is sold in 30-serving bottles. They’re one of those supplement companies that really like to sell in bulk. 

So much that if you buy three they'll give you worldwide shipping and a fourth bottle for free.

That special is $135.00. Otherwise, one bottle of Powher costs $45.00.

Since they offer a 90-day guarantee on the 4-bottle deal, I think that's the best option, as it’s risk-free and also offers a discount.

powher 3-pack

Final Thoughts About Powher Pre-workout Powder

Powher is a great option for women looking to boost their high-intensity workouts and build lean muscle mass. It has some really unique ingredients that offer something different from other brands. 

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a little boost for their workout, or even just throughout their day, as it has just the perfect little amount of caffeine without the crash. And it tastes freaking delicious!


  • Tastes really good
  • Free of side effects
  • Specifically formulated for women
  • Contains only a small amount of caffeine

  • Contains Sucralose
  • Lower-than-average amounts of citrulline
  • Not ideal for night workouts or people with caffeine sensitivities
Powher preworkout

A Pre-workout Powder Designed for Women

Conquer your goals with a supplement that has been especially formulated for women.

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