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The Bottom Line: Reading Head Start offers an exciting and effective way for children to learn to read and improve reading skills.

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The ability to read is a skill that is needed throughout life. Although reading is an essential skill, 32 million people are illiterate. This number is strikingly high.

As a parent, you may be at a stage where you would like to start teaching your child how to read. Or maybe your kid is having trouble reading.

Are you interested in learning a proven technique to teach your child how to read in a matter of weeks?

Would you like to prepare your child to be steps ahead of their classmates?

Or would you like to help your struggling reader become more confident in their ability to read? 

If you said yes to any of the above questions, this system may help you to reach your goals. By reading this review, you will learn about the Reading Head Start system, its cost, pros, cons, and testimonials of the product.


Product Type: Education

Price: $1 - $297

Promotions: Save money buying Lifetime Access

What Is Reading Head Start?

The system is designed to make reading easy for anyone no matter their learning ability. Most kids start to learn how to read between pre-school and 2nd grade. But, what if your 18-month-old toddler could easily learn how to read? This is possible with the Reading Head Start system.

So, what makes this reading system different from in-school literacy learning? Well, the Reading Head Start system is a digital system the improves reading literacy in a non-traditional manner. To efficiently learn how to read, the learning process is broken into 4 phases for your child.

Parents play a crucial role in the learning process. You are required to use the system with your child for 15 minutes 3 times a week. When your child completes a phase, they are honored with a certificate.

This digital reading system not only teaches reading, but it also helps to enhance phonemic ability. The system uses sound-association techniques to help kids quickly learn how to read. Overall, the system helps to improve reading comprehension and reading speed. As a result, speech may also be improved.

Who Created Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is a system developed by Sarah Shepard who is an English teacher. The product was created by Sheppard after her son had difficulty reading. Her goal was to find a new technique not practiced in schools, to help her son master reading.

Sarah Sheppard spent over 14 years in the classroom and has a proven track record of helping children to succeed. She used her classroom experiences and expertise to develop a top-rated digital learning system.

How Does Reading Head Start Work?

Unlike any other reading learning product on the market, this system works differently. It teaches reading excitingly and effectively.

The product teaches reading by breaking words up into individual letters. Instead of memorizing an entire word, kids are learning the word sounds of each letter. Once kids have mastered the letter sounds, they then combine the sounds of each letter to read the word.

What makes this system successful is the step by step approach that is enjoyable and positive. Learning the sounds of each letter to learn how to read excites kids.

What's Included with Reading Head Start?

The program is available in the E-Book format. When you purchase the system, you will receive a download for the E-book. It can be used on smartphones, computers, or tablets. Inside the E-Book is everything you need to know to guide you in teaching fun and exciting reading comprehension.

Do you like bonuses? In addition to the E-Book you will also receive the following:
• Reading shortcuts for extra strategies to improve reading comprehension
• Access to interactive reading games. The games are a fun way for your child to learn new words
• A word book series is included to help learners practice new reading skills.

What is the Price?

There are three different price points for this product. Currently, the unlimited lifetime access sales price for this system is $297. It is normally $597. If you would like 1-year access, the marked-down price is $197 as opposed to $297. Or you can pay $37 per month for the program.

Another great perk that is currently happening is the ability to try the program for $1. Yes, only $1. You can do a one month trial to test out the system. If you like the system, you can continue by paying one of the three-tier prices above. If not, you can cancel your trial.

What are People Saying about Reading Head Start?

Over 30,000 people have used this system. Customers gave the product stellar reviews and recommendations. The system was able to help an 18-month-old learn how to read.
The system has also helped kids with learning disabilities learn how to read with ease. In as little as 2 weeks, parents have reported that their kids are learning how to read.

Pros & Cons


  • The system incorporates fun into learning
  • Children at any age can begin to use the system
  • Reading Head Start has a 100% proven track record in teaching reading comprehension
  • Only 15 minutes a day, three times a week is needed to succeed with the program
  • The system can help with speech and improve learning disabilities


  • The price may be too high for families that need prolonged use with the system
  • You'll need a reliable internet connection to access the members area

Should I Buy Reading Head Start?

For sure, do the above benefits of the Reading Head Start Program resonate with you? 

Then, the Reading Head Start system is worth a try. 

Final Thoughts

Many parents and teachers highly recommend the system to improve reading skills. Its track record is phenomenal and higher than most education products on the market.

Teaching reading early is fundamental to the success of your child. The earlier a child learns how to read, the better prepared they will be in early childhood and school-age years. This may reduce the chances of them falling behind in their academics.

Innovative approaches to reading are greatly needed. One can only imagine if Reading Head Start was popularized in schools how many more students would learn to read more quickly and with better accuracy.

 If you have a child or know a child that can benefit from early reading capabilities, try the Reading Head Start system now. The deals on this system will not last for long.

Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start offers an exciting and effective way for children to learn to read and improve reading skills.

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