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The Underground Fat Loss Manual
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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

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Read my review of the Underground Fat Loss Manual by Matt Marshall to see what I think about the product.

We’ve all turned to the Internet for answers on “how to lose 5 pounds in a week” or “how to lose weight fast.”

What usually pops up is some extreme diet plan involving one of two extremes: juice only or zero carbs. Both sound miserable, but sometimes we’re in a time crunch when we want to drop some pounds ASAP.

What if I told you that you could lose 8+ pounds in three days without going crazy?

Or that you could burn more fat in two days than in a whole week? These are the kinds of things you will learn about in the Underground Fat Loss Manual.

So, What is The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

The title doesn’t tell you a whole about what to expect, so let’s get the basics covered. The Underground Fat Loss Manual is a weight loss guide designed specifically for fast but long-lasting results.

The author, Matt Marshall, set out to dispel one of the biggest weight loss myths—that you can only lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Everyone wants to know the answers to quick, effective weight loss, but many things you’ll read on weight loss will promote the slow and steady method.

The author provides both scientific research and testimonials to back up his claims that you can lose at least 8 pounds in just three days following his methods.

In order to achieve these drastic results, The Underground Fat Loss Manual uses unconventional methods.

On this program, you will use alcohol to accelerate fat-burning and jumpstart your weight loss.

Overall, The Underground Fat Loss Manual consists of more than 100 pages of weight loss tips you’ve never heard before.

That’s why this method is “underground”—not only has it been banned from some retailers, it’s full of secrets the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know about.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual PDF
Matt Marshall Testimonial

The author, Matt Marshall, lost 13 pounds of pure fat in 28 days using the methods he describes in this manual.

What You Will Learn in The Underground Fat Loss Manual

You might be wondering what a typical week looks like using this method, but understand that there’s nothing typical about The Underground Fat Loss Manual.

These are likely methods you’ve never heard of or tried before, including:

  • How to use alcohol as a weight loss accelerator
  • How to boost the growth hormone naturally by 500%
  • How to lose 8+ pounds in three days
  • What foods are “magic” for weight loss
  • How to maintain a lean physique without feeling like you’re on a diet

The author makes it very easy to understand by splitting up the 4-week program into small chunks: The first two weeks, your first cheat day, and the last two weeks.

You’ll also get an entire section on Advanced Weight Loss Tips, which alone is worth the value. This section includes the truth about alcohol, nicotine gum, candy, and other unlikely factors that can boost your weight loss.

In addition to learning facts about weight loss you’ve never heard before, you’ll also follow a few guidelines.


Here are some of the “rules” to follow on this method:

  • Optional: Fast for 44 hours to kick off the program
  • Consume between 1,000-1,500 calories per day depending on your weight
  • Track all your foods using an online calorie counter or app
  • Eat and drink whatever you want as long as you don’t exceed your calorie limit
  • Maintain the weight loss by setting a new low-calorie target
  • Allow yourself one cheat meal per every 2 weeks, which must be confined to a 4-hour window and less than 3,000 calories that day

As the author puts it, you can eat pizza and lose weight. You can eat cupcakes and lose weight.

Is this practical or nutrient-dense? Not if your diet consists exclusively of pizza and cupcakes, but the point is you can treat yourself and still lose weight.

What’s Included in The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Day of Eating Underground Manual

The manual itself is packed with mind-blowing information. Everything is backed by science and the author’s personal experience.

Matt Marshall himself shares exactly what he eats during a typical week on this plan. One of his meals even includes four slices of pizza.

And yes, he has the occasional draft beer or glass of wine.

The manual also includes recommended workouts and supplements that help accelerate weight loss.

In addition to the manual that will help you drop a significant amount of body fat percentage, you will also get access to three bonus reports, a list of supplements that fitness models use and a free presentation for women who want to burn belly fit.

Matt Marshall also does something crazy and includes his personal email address, so you can contact him at any time with questions. He also gives you an opportunity to win $250 cash.

The guide alone is an incredible value, but the guide plus the bonuses will answer every question you ever had about losing weight quickly and efficiently.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Bonuses

My Final Thoughts About The Underground Fat Loss Manual

This program isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, you will have to commit and stay on track.

For some people, you may be consuming as few as 1,000 calories per day, and you may choose to participate in a 44-hour fast. You will feel hungry, but once you get past the first few days, you will start seeing the results.

This manual will teach you why the methods you’re currently using don’t work and how to employ a fool-proof method that will get you on the fast track to sustained weight loss and maintenance.

If you want to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week, then The Underground Fat Loss Manual is for you.


  • Backed by scientific evidence
  • Yields fast results
  • Each round is only 28 days
  • Super simple guidelines that are easy to follow
  • Versatile food options
  • Alcohol and coffee are not off-limits
  • You can do this long-term
  • Considered “too extreme for the public” by some retailers
  • Requires an extreme caloric deficit
The Underground Fat Loss Manual PDF

Try The Underground Fat Loss Manual

This weight loss method was banned because it’s “too extreme.” Here’s an honest review of the controversial fat loss manual.

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