Slow Cooker Biscuits: Quick Breads Just Got Easier

Overnight biscuits in the crockpot are awesome! Image by KS

Have you ever wanted fresh, warm biscuits first thing in the morning without the hassle of gathering ingredients, mixing, and (ugh) kneading?Also, now that summer has hit its peak, who wants to heat the whole house up for at least 15 minutes when you can just wait overnight for your delicious biscuits and wake up to the aroma of ready-to-eat breakfast?

Well, for the answer to your problem, turn to your good friend the slow cooker.

Ladies, Fire up Your Crock Pots!

To make overnight biscuits in your Crock Pot (or any kind of slow cooker), use about 1 and 1/2 cups of your favorite biscuit dough.  (the biscuits shown are made with Bakesquick, a low-carb baking mix, but whatever biscuit mix or homemade recipe you prefer will be fine) When you’ve gently mixed your ingredients, don’t knead the dough – the more you mess with it, the tougher it will be when it’s cooked into biscuits… and since these babies will be cooking all night long, you want to be careful about that!

Slow Cooker Buttered Biscuit Balls (YUM)

Once your biscuit dough is mixed, take heaping spoonfuls of dough, roll them lightly into one-inch balls, and put each onto a plate. Once all of your dough is in ball-form, take each and carefully roll it in warm, melted butter. I used about half a stick of butter (Hey, I said overnight biscuits, not low-calorie biscuits! Like my Granny always said, butter makes everything better!), melted it in a pan, let it cool down for a few minutes, then rolled my biscuit balls. By the way, don’t worry about the biscuits being round balls – they’ll flatten out as they slow-cook.

Now, take each buttered biscuit ball and carefully place it each about an inch apart from the others in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour any remaining melted butter over the biscuits, and put a paper towel over the top like a lid – then place the actual lid on. (This helps to absorb the moisture which will collect on the lid, to keep it from dripping on the biscuits. Also, it keeps anyone from waking up in the middle of the night and peeking through the lid “just to see if they’re done.”)

I love these buttery crock pot biscuits! Image by K.S.

The Hard Part of Slow Cooker Biscuits: Waiting

Next, turn the slow cooker on KEEP WARM (or whatever warming setting you have). If you turn it any higher, to any kind of actual cooking setting, the biscuits will be done cooking very, very soon (say, 2 or 3 hours) and your overnight biscuits will turn into overcooked biscuits: brown, hard, and inedible. Believe me – I’ve tried.

Your hard work has come to an end, or let’s just say your physical labor has come to an end – now all you need to do is restrain yourself and others from checking on the biscuits every 5 minutes. (Yes, I battled with the temptation as well.) If you feel like having biscuits for lunch or dinner, just follow the process above, and put the biscuits in the slow cooker to cook 6-8 hours before you expect to eat.

At the end of the cooking time, you can take the lid off the crock pot, breathe in the aroma of fresh biscuits, and wait for every one else to come out and enjoy them with you, or you can gobble them up immediately and blame it on the cat.

You will truly enjoy these warm, buttery morsels (Oh So Buttery!) slathered in honey or jelly, or topped with chicken and gravy; they’re a perfect potluck food!


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  1. Crystal Braddock says

    The Crock Pot manual I have says not to cook on the Keep Warm setting. It should be used for no more than 4 hours, and you said from 6-8 hours for lunch, so I’m assuming that goes for breakfast, too.

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